I cannot believe I forgot the one thing I like most in games, Co-op.


Co-op play is what brings me back to mediocre games, and makes me play them over and over and over. Perfect example (though it’s not exactly mediocre) is one I already mentioned, Red Dead Redemption. I am going to be honest, and a lot of people are going to think me stupid for this, but I never played the single player for Red Dead. As great as I heard it was, I was having far too much fun traveling the immense world with two of my friends, shooting each other and shouting at each other over the mics.

…It was more fun then it sounds.

You should probably play the single player...you know, do as I say, not as I do.

Co-op can make any game fun for days straight. As much as I love killing my friends, I love working with them about a thousand times more. Saints Row 2 was fun on its own, I beat it at least once by my self. When my friend Nick started to play it, we decided to try co-op. After making new characters…well hell, I already talked about it, its like, the first real post on this blog. Go read that, I will wait here.

Right, continuing on, even games I DON’T like are fun in co-op. Halo Wars, a decent strategy game on the x-box, remains the only halo game I haven’t beaten. I sucked, horribly, at it, and I couldn’t sit through the single player. Add some co-op to it though, and I am willing to check it out… it didn’t quite save the game for me, but dammit it certainly made it better for me! I also want to clarify that while online co-op is fun, split-screen will always steal my heart. That is specifically the reason that halo will always be a central point with my gaming group. Bored? Four people over? Fire up Reach and mess around in the forge for a bit. Suddenly its seven in the morning and I pass out, but I don’t feel like I wasted any of that time.

What is this I don't even...

I should probably talk about Halo later, it’s kinda special to me.

RIGHT, reason I wrote this, what I like in games, totally lost my train of thought there, lets continue!


I was gonna give sound effects and Music their own separate sections, but personally I think that if one is bad, the other suffers as well. Sound is vital, I have had games made or broken over sounds. Treyarch, the makers of Call of Duty World at War, and Black-ops, illustrate my point quite well. Their guns, at least to my ears, don’t quite sound right. They sound like poor impersonations (…they are, but shh I am making a point), and while I don’t know if the other Call of Dutys did it better, I know it was one of the big reasons I stopped playing with Black-ops.

What about good sound in games you ask? I am glad you asked! The best sound I have ever heard in a game easily goes to Dawn of War 2.

Ok so you can't hear the picture, but if you could, it would sound AWESOME!

And as for music, well they released a free album for anyone to download, and its EPIC. Hell, just click here to download it. (on a side note: hehe I figured out how to do links properly, I am going to go back and fix all those ugly links in pt1.)

Other then that, just think about all the classic game music. If you can’t think of any (slacker), then just go here, its got loads of classic game music, AND remixs..remixi…the plural of remix.

So what have we got so far, Writing, Characters, Co-op, and Sound. I really think that is it. If all four of those are good, I am set.

And to be honest? You don’t need all four. Mass Effect has three and its one of my favorites, Dynasty Warriors has all but writing (…the writing is terrible), but it has seen more play time with me and my friend then anything else we have. Civilization 5 (and 4 before it) doesn’t even HAVE writing, and it is the current “I am bored what shall we play” game we fall to.

What about you guys? (…if anyone actually reads this, my page-view count says people do but I think it’s lying to make me feel better.) What do you like in your games? What are some games you think I should check out?


  • Nick

    Dude, Check out “Serious Sam 1” for p.c. You can find the download somewhere I’m sure, it’s an old game, but the creatures, the weapons, the horrible jokes and the amount of enemies to kill makes it the best, most ridiculous game ever.

    • Oh man I have heard of Serious Sam, its apparently a classic. I am also looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever, which may actually come out in my lifetime!

  • Nick

    You should totally download Serious Sam, it’s amazing. I would look forward to, and recommend your review of it to all my friends. Duke Nukem Forever isn’t going to come out though i think, let’s be realistic haha.

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