Do you believe in spirits? Kindhearted, or mischievous creatures from another realm, watching over the world and caring for nature?

Well. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not. We’re here, and sometimes we take a more direct approach. This is my journal from one of those times. My name is Ivy, I am a Forest Spirit. A humble farmer, in his dying breath, called upon the spirits, begging for their help. I was sent to answer. Lucky me.

Stardew Valley. This is about Stardew Valley

Let me start from the beginning. Well okay, no, if I start at the beginning, we’ll be here long past your pathetic mortal lifespan. The short version? There are a bunch of types of spirits, most of us don’t like each other, and sometimes we’ll help humans out… for a price. This human, who had spent his whole life giving tribute to various spirits, gave all his earthly possessions to us Forest Spirits, and asked for our help. He wanted his farm to succeed, and to raise enough money to help save the struggling town. I can do that, right? I mean, how hard could farming be?

This is me. I'm pretty.


There is a few catches, of course. Ones that really only matter to the spirits, and that human wouldn’t have known. I can’t really farm, which is perhaps a bit of a big catch in trying to save a farm. Okay so it’s a huge one! One it took me a few hours to figure out how to get past, if I am being honest. See, digging and growing crops is the realm of the Earth Spirits, not Forest. I could fish, but that’s Water, so that’s another big no. I could ask either of them for help, but screw that, I can do this without bothering either of them! Finally, I had the solution. Sap! Humans love sap, especially the maple stuff, and it’s worth a pretty penny. I can turn this farm into a tree farm!

But now I am getting way ahead of myself. First things first. I needed to manifest myself. So I did that. I woke up in a bed, with a body. Flesh, blood, skin, hair, the whole nine yards. I immediately felt heavy and gross. Being fleshy stinks, I don’t know how you guys do it.

The owner of this house was very tacky.

As I struggled to figure out blankets, and blinked the sleep from my eyes, (guys, eyes are so weird), I noticed there was a present on the ground. Oh hey sweet, I’d only been in the flesh for a few minutes and the humans were already showering me in gifts! I gathered up all of my amazing, catlike reflexes and martial skills, and finally sprang from the bed. I did not get tangled in the blankets and fall, causing a nasty bruise. That would be silly and if anyone says otherwise, they are liars. Anyway I finally went over and opened the damn box.

Yes, I hold rewards over my head. Don't you? You should try it.

Parsnips! From the mayor! That was really kind of him actually, he wanted to help me get my farm started! I know exactly what I will do with this.

Why. This garbage can is tree-mendous!

That’s right. Right into the trash. I don’t need any help! I wont even sell these seeds. Although that does beg the question, how do I plan to even get started? You can’t just grow trees and roll in money. As the humans like to say, money doesn’t grow on trees! At least not as far as humans go. I’m getting ahead of myself again, I think it’s this human-ish mind, it’s shockingly emotional. I step outside to finally look over my beautiful new farm.

Okay. It’s not beautiful. It’s a mess. No I wont show you a picture of it, it’s too embarrassingly awful. There are rocks and shrubs all over my land, and while there are plenty of beautiful trees, they are of no use to me in their current state. Well, not no use to me. I gather wood from some of them, and sell them for some quick change. This is probably going to be how I make most of my money before I get my operation up and running.

Okay I lied, you can see some of my farm.

Getting the operation up and running will be another problem, one I was definitely not ready for. I tried to extract some sap from one of the trees, and was rather shocked to discover I no longer had any of my magic. None at all, the tree completely ignored me when I asked for sap. The nerve! I guess manifesting myself removed all of my magic. So I need to extract sap the human way. I have no idea what the human method even is, so that’s going to be another problem to add to my massive list. I’m going to have to find out, this may require me to… ugh. Socialize.

I head into town. The first encounter I have with a human goes as follows.

Oh lord.

Well. You might be a decent person if you weren’t such a horrible bitch. This is why I don’t get along with humans! Well screw this, I’m just going to go into the woods again and gather more wood. I find some berries and scraps and the like, and pick up whatever I can find that was just going to rot. I also swing by the beach briefly, and had the closest I have had so far to a moral quandary. There were shells, washed up on the beach, nothing too exotic or valuable, but still… I’m kind of desperate for money. Other people would just take the shells and sell them, but to do it I risk angering the spirits of the Sea. Those were definitely not spirits I want to piss off, they are rather known for their fury.

It’s just two shells right? I mean they don’t have any crabs in them or anything… why would they care? They couldn’t possibly care. I’m gonna do it, I need every penny I can get, especially because of that backpack upgrade I saw in the store. By backpack upgrade, I mean it’s actually just a backpack. Carrying more stuff would be great, but it’s 2000g, which I very much do not have. I pocketed the shells and dashed back away from the coast.

This was how I spent the rest of the day, gathering and chopping down trees to gather up some wood to sell. By the end of the day, all of my muscles ached (…seriously, bodies suck), my eyes hurt, and I had only a little bit more experience than I did.

Wooo. I can make...seeds

That done, I went to sleep. Sleep is weird.

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