Just a warning for you guys, this is going to be the first time this is really “poor-man’s gaming” and not “totally-free gaming”.  I will start by saying this game is €14.95, which google tells me is a little over $20.00 Canadian. I will also say that this game has, in my case, paid for itself a million times over.

What game could this possibly be that I want to talk about it this much? I bet I have you on the edge of your seat just wo-…oh. I put it in the title. Damn.

Yeah its Minecraft.

This game involves crafting, and possibly some mining.

So what is it that makes minecraft so addicting to so many people? For me, it was the ridiculous range of things you can do. Build! Fight! Mine! Burn things! All in one game! The game starts out with you on an island..or it used to. Since than they updated, now you can start in a forest, or a desert, or the middle of a snowy plane, or even in a grotto. The first thing you notice is that everything is made of cubes! CUBES!


After you get over that (CUBES) your first reaction is to try clicking…which causes you to punch stuff! Woo! Punch that cow! Punch that sheep! Haha! Take that SHEEP! Sheep drop wool! If you punch dirt, you get dirt blocks! If you punch trees, you get wood! Haha! I am sure there is a clever joke in there somewhere. Once you collect enough stuff (via punching!) you decide to build! You can also craft! Crafting requires a special table, which isn’t tough to make. You simply place items in a three by three grid in the general shape of the item. Perfect example, if you have two sticks, and three rocks, and arrange them in a T, it will make a pickaxe! If you put a single stick, and two rocks in a ‘|’ shape, it forms a sword! Hopefully you get to that point before nightfall, because at night…THEY come.

Zombies! Skeletons! SPIDERS! They attack in groups at night, and wont stop until your dead. Your hilarious dirt house suddenly becomes your only hope for survival. Maybe you make it through the night. If you do, you will see the zombies and skeletons burning, which is awesome! The spiders don’t burn, but they ignore you during the day, so that’s a nice plus. However, there is something else that survives the sun. Something that doesn’t ignore you during the day.

Something worse than zombies.

Above: Worse than zombies.

That face, is the face of a Creeper. Creepers are man-sized, green, and don’t seem all that threatening. Then they rush you, hissing. Then they explode. Then you cry because even if you survive, the blast destroys parts of your wall that you spent hours making.

Oh yeah, and they like to travel in pairs or more, and they are programmed to prefer aerial attacks, so you usually wont see it until it’s on top of you. They also love to hide. If you haven’t guessed by now, I really don’t like Creepers.

So. Whats the only thing that could make a game like this better? Multiplayer! The game has support for a massive amount of players on one server, all of you building (or destroying) huge projects. The results of this kind of cooperation are easy enough to find with a quick google search.

What if the graphics are your problem? Well no worries. There are mods for that! Mods that turn this:

Into this:

And there are mods that let you add motion blur, realistic water, more animals, better lighting, anything you can think of! Most (except for the graphical ones) don’t affect multiplayer, but some do.

So what makes this game so addicting? It basically comes down to spending all of your time punching trees, dirt, and even rocks, to make something like this.


Cost: a bit over 20 (canadian) dollars, which isn’t too bad, and its worth every penny.

Fun: Totally fun, until a creeper blows up, then IT SUCKS FOREVER AND I HATE IT ARGH.

Simplicity: Quite a bit. Crafting is easy enough, and there’s a great wiki for it.

Multiplayer: Single player is fun, but if you can, get a few people to play with you, building group projects is rather intense, and can lead to some brilliant results.

Overall rating: Theres a free to play, ‘building only’ version available, but honestly, if you have 20 bucks lazing around, go buy it, it’s totally worth it.

Download Link: MINECRAFT


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