Technical Difficulties.


So recently I have been having problems with wordpress, specifically with images. This has caused my blog to grind to a hault…as you have probably noticed.

See, what happens is, when I try to put a picture in the middle of my posts, with a little comment underneith (see every post with pictures in it on my blog), it for some reason puts all the rest of my text from the post INTO the comment. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it.

Short Stories, part 1: The Chrono-Assassin


((so I have a ton of random ideas floating around my head, and its getting cluttered. I barely have enough room for the voices now! To fix this, I am going to write some of them out as short stories. These may be funny, they may be exciting, they may be terrible. I don’t care.))

John Smith sighed to himself as he pulled the string on the pull-string light. The horrible bulb barely lit the corner of his unfinished basement, but it was enough for him to find the shelf he stored all of his stuff on. He put the camping supplies away, and would have left there but something caught his eye. It was a lever, hidden in the darkest corner behind a shelf. He smiled to himself ever so slightly “how could I have forgotten?” he whispered lightly. He moved over to the lever, and pulled the lever. A wall swung away silently, taking entire shelves with it, exposing a massive room behind.

The contents in this room would have made any technology lover weep. There were fully functional jet packs mounted to the wall, full suits of specially designed combat-armor in their own special pods, and weapons no one had ever seen sitting in special racks. There was technology for breathing where there was no air, for walking straight up walls, for speaking any language, for hacking any computer, and some whose functions were lost to the ages. All of this paled though, to two devices that sat in the middle of the room, sealed in a special air-tight glass case. John moved straight to them, not even looking at anything else. He brushed a hand across the glass, then pushed a big red button on the side of the case. The glass slid back with a hiss, and the objects platform raised slowly. John carefully picked up the larger of the two objects, a two-handed rifle that looked far too complicated. This was a chrono-rifle, and by all the laws of the universe, it shouldn’t have existed. He hefted the gun in his hands, looking down its sights. Instantly, he could see a thousand years in the past, as if it was right before his eyes. He adjusted the knobs on the scope, decades passing before his eyes.

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On the subject of pokemon


Pokémon. Chances are good you already know exactly what I am talking about with that one little word. Pokémon has affected millions of people, from the video game series (great!), to the card game (we all played it at least once!), to the TV show (was great once! Apparently still worth watching), to the immensely successful movies…you get the idea.

Now a lot of people I know (less than I would have expected) have had nothing to do with Pokémon since the first game came out. “Pft, these new Pokémon are lame, the original 150 are still the best” is something I hear a lot. Well since a new game came out recently (its AMAZING), I want to tell people about some of the immense changes the series has had, and why it’s easily one of the deepest RPGs out there.

Oh god I can name most of these what have I become.

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What do I like in games, pt2


I cannot believe I forgot the one thing I like most in games, Co-op.


Co-op play is what brings me back to mediocre games, and makes me play them over and over and over. Perfect example (though it’s not exactly mediocre) is one I already mentioned, Red Dead Redemption. I am going to be honest, and a lot of people are going to think me stupid for this, but I never played the single player for Red Dead. As great as I heard it was, I was having far too much fun traveling the immense world with two of my friends, shooting each other and shouting at each other over the mics.

…It was more fun then it sounds.

You should probably play the single know, do as I say, not as I do.

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What do I like in games pt1


I have been hit by a dry-spell when it comes to games recently. No matter what  I do, I start playing a game, than lose interest in it a second later. Its starting to really bother me, even Bulletstorm, which was one of the funniest things I have played in a long time, could hold my interest for more than a few hours.

Seriously. This is the game that has a robot dinosaur named "Waggleton P. Tallylicker"

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The safty word is Banana


Nothing quite like a hack and slash adventure over tea

Magicka is like no other game I have ever played. The base game-play is two parts Diablo, one part parody, one part typing tutorial, and one part Castle-Crashers. The resulting mix is utterly insane, but totally awesome. The love put into this game is immediately clear: Look at that title screen; the corner is missing, you can see the outline from where it was. There is an axe mark in the top, which is there on all pages. The bubbles in the tea (or coffee), and the bits of the half-eaten sausage in the corner breath of a light breakfast. I almost feel like I could reach out and touch this, and it’s just the title, it’s up for half a second if not less.

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Sorry I was changing cd’s, what we hit?


To start this blog off with a bang, I am going to talk about my favorite game of all time. Saints Row 2.

It’s tough to sum up the game, but I think the best way I have ever seen is with a random line of dialog shouted by various pedestrians as you race past. “Saints row, Bitches!”

This game is honestly at its best when you have no idea whats going on. The story is amazing of course, but I find I have the most fun when I am not doing the story (by the way, you don’t have to have played the first to enjoy the second, most of my friends haven’t). Hijacking a plane, flying up as high as I can, being harassed by military helicopters, then bailing out at the last-minute and falling well over a thousand feet before hitting the ground with a bounce. Attacking random pedestrians with a huge cleaver, while other pedestrians take pictures with cellphone cameras. Running an incredibly sexy car head-on into a gas station and watching it soar through the air, to collide with a building (and barely surviving); these are all moments I will never forget. That all happened on my first play through. Shortly after, I discovered co-op.

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Oh hey what do you know.


Hey, would ya look at that, I am on the Internets.

So I figured I would use this to talk about what I plan to do with this blog. I plan to use this mainly as a direct feed into my brain, with rants and thoughts on various games, movies, or shows. Mostly games, but lets face it, if I have thoughts that are important I am gonna share. 

Most of my rants will follow a logical path, and I will likely have consistent themes over time (such as games I am playing now, or movies I think are awesome), or I could just ramble.

 YAY for the internet!