Spiritual Stardew Day 2



Day Two! Is it only day two? It feels like it’s been weeks! What was I doing? Oh right, I was trying to save the town or some other such garbage. Well, I figure my goal is to raise a couple of million. That can’t be that hard, right? How much have I raised after one day?

That. Is not a whole lot.

Oh. Well…hm. This may be harder than I thought. Maybe someone in the town will offer some helpful advice? Humans like to help each other, don’t they? I don’t know, I am grasping at straws here. I make my way into town and speak to the first human I see. My last interaction with a human went very poorly, with any luck this time it will be better. I believe some of you are aware of the writing technique known as ‘foreshadowing’.


I hate this goddamn town. What even is the issue with it anyway? It seems to be doing just fine. I briefly consult with the spirits, and after they call me some very rude names, I find out that I have basically two options to save this town…which apparently is just losing hope and crumbling away. The first is to restore the community center and bring everyone in the town back together because of it. While this sounds like a simple option, it would require a bunch of work. I’d have to fish, grow crops, and more things that would break my personal rules. The other option is to just pay Jojo Mart some exorbitant fees to restore the town back to its former glory.

Jojo Mart. What’s a Jojo Mart? I go check it out. From what everyone told me I was expecting a living hell on earth. What I got was actually very boring.

That Mart has a substantial Wall.

That’s it, that’s all. I mean sure, they need a slightly less menacing catchphrase (‘Join us. Thrive.’ Really? That’s what you came up with? That’s goddamn terrifying.) but otherwise seems really harmless. I’m asked if I want a membership to their store, but I can’t quite afford it. Awful nice of this horrible mega-coperation, accepting a non human and all that. I head back to my farm, but it is still really early. I head outside and start wandering around, looking for some more things to sell to try and help myself out. I ran into my nearby neighbor, and struck up a breif conversation.

Yeah. It means we both live outside of town. Man this whole town is like this. I’m so sick of this place, if I wasn’t bound by magic I’d burn it all down. You know what I need? I need booze. I head into the town and check out the bar. Sure enough it’s packed with idiots and more human waste. In an attempt to evade them, I duck into a side room. That is when I find it, the device that ruined the rest of my time. It was a little arcade machine, I had never seen anything like it before. I was curious, and one of the humans showed me how to operate it.

This is what I was greeted with. I didn’t get it, what was… oh if I move around I can shoot the little guys. If I kill enough of them I unlock a new level. And there are powerups and..oh dear.

Four hours later I finally drag myself home to get some sleep. Whoops.

Spiritual Stardew, Day 1

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Do you believe in spirits? Kindhearted, or mischievous creatures from another realm, watching over the world and caring for nature?

Well. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not. We’re here, and sometimes we take a more direct approach. This is my journal from one of those times. My name is Ivy, I am a Forest Spirit. A humble farmer, in his dying breath, called upon the spirits, begging for their help. I was sent to answer. Lucky me.

Stardew Valley. This is about Stardew Valley

Let me start from the beginning. Well okay, no, if I start at the beginning, we’ll be here long past your pathetic mortal lifespan. The short version? There are a bunch of types of spirits, most of us don’t like each other, and sometimes we’ll help humans out… for a price. This human, who had spent his whole life giving tribute to various spirits, gave all his earthly possessions to us Forest Spirits, and asked for our help. He wanted his farm to succeed, and to raise enough money to help save the struggling town. I can do that, right? I mean, how hard could farming be?

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A new direction?


So no long post today, instead I am going to try something new. So over the next week or so I intend to update this blog three times. Once on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hopefully to get into a pattern. However that being said, I have also been advised to use analytics to find what my most popular content is.

So instead I’m going to just ask you guys. What would you like to see on this site going forward? More game-based blogging? More short stories? Maybe an ongoing longer one? Or would you like some personal blog posts about my life and how I am dealing with some of the major issues in my life?

Leave a comment below, please. I’d love your feedback.


Scratching that MMO itch.


Yes. I missed my deadline for twice a week. Argh. I will, from now on, be posting once a week on Mondays, and then extra posts when I feel they are necessary. Cool? Cool.

So for those of you who know me, you will know I played World Of Warcraft pretty religiously a long time ago. It was what kept me going through the last few years of highschool and the first year of college. I had my lovely level 70 Draenei mage named “Kadganris”, who was everything I could possibly want from a character: He spent most of his time fishing instead of doing anything useful, and was generally just not very exciting for anyone but me. I loved him.

I stopped playing just before Wrath of the Lich King dropped, as I was rapidly running out of time to play, and to be honest the game felt stale. I haven’t gone back yet, and to do so now would cost a distressing amount of money. Unfortunately, the urge to play still rises every once in a while, which means i have resorted to other MMO’s to try to help. Here are some of those.

Rest in peace you magnificent bastard, we will meet again.

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So. Been quiet around here.


Don’t worry! I didn’t suddenly explode or anything! For those of you who noticed that my “post-a-day” challenge stopped suddenly, well, your right, it did, good job. I couldn’t keep up that level of updates, I simply couldn’t think of enough things to talk about! However I don’t like only updating once a week, that feels weak to me. I am going to try to update twice a week, and see how I like that: Tuesdays and Thursdays sounds good, there isn’t much going on internet-wise on those days.

So what have I been up to? L.A.Noire!

Yeah. That one.

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Dragons and robots and aliens oh my!


So for day four I am going to talk about an older RTS that has always tickled my fancy. It stands forever as the only RTS that I like all three playable races in, to a point that on the army select screen I am left staring at the three choices forever, just trying to make up my mind. This game didn’t sell very well, which really surprises me because everyone I have shown it to, thought it was absolutely amazing.

I am talking about Rise Of Legends.

Also some of you may be noticing that this  actually is going up on friday (its 2:30 am), but fuck that this counts.

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Skyrim, More like SkyAWESOME.


Day three of my daily blogging. Moral is low, but caffeine supplies are high. I think I finally realized the problem with blogging every day: I actually don’t game enough to talk about stuff daily. Even if I did, I rarely game on the PC and that’s the only system I can get reliable screen-shots from.

So instead, I am going to talk more about Skyrim, because I want to, a lot. Here’s more game-play, it’s about 14 minutes long with a bit of overlap. Totally worth watching, even if you have to ignore the annoying presenters.

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E3 thoughts


E3! WOO! For those of you who don’t know, E3 is the place where all the biggest game companies like to make excitable gamers like me cream their pants… metaphorically, not literally, although in some cases I am sure it is literal.

Anyway, lots of new revelations for games, a lot of which look awesome! Lets go over my personal favorites!
Right off the bat. SKYRIM! WOOOO SKYRIM! We have game-play!

((via Gametrailers))

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Why the hell not.


So as an experiment, this week I am going to try to have a new post every day. Why? Because I can goddamnit. I consider it an experiment, I will be seeing if I can post about a thousand words a day (likely a little less, depending on how lazy I get. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

So what shall we talk about today? Well, the only real game I have been playing recently is…Super Smash Brothers. Uh. Woo!

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Destroying my Iphones battery life: Game Dev Story


So last week or so I was desperately in need of a way to procrastinate, and the internet was being surprisingly unhelpful. As a result of this, and a long series of very random thoughts and decisions that made sense at the time, I bought the first iPhone game I have bought in a long time.  Its called Game Dev story, but if like most people you looked at the picture before reading this you already figured that out.

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