Tales from the Campfire: Jason’s story, continued

Tales from the camp fire

Jason stared down at his journal, the firelight making it hard to read even what he wrote. He yawned, and stretched, gazing around the cavern at the sleeping forms around him. The adventuring party was currently deep in a cave, making their way to the fabled Deeplands. To say the road had been rough would be an understatement; just thinking about it caused Jason to reach a hand unconsciously to the back of his neck, where he had been bitten by a horrible leathery creature. He had gotten off lucky compared to some others in the group too, their local barbarian, Kod, wouldn’t recover his strength for weeks. Jason sighed once more, letting his mind wander. He would need substantial strength to get through this, and sometimes it helped to think of rougher times. Times didn’t get much rougher, than his exit from his academy.

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Tales from the Campfire: Jason’s final test

Tales from the camp fire

This post will be a little different from the usual here, it’s going to be part of a new series called ‘Tales from the Campfire”. These will be stories told by characters living in my currently ongoing D&D world. Hopefully I will be posting more, and I may even get guests to write some.

The fire burned low, creating long shadows for those who were sitting around it. The small party had been sent out on an exploration expedition, and were currently encamped just outside of a large, ruined building. They had been out in the wilds for a few days, and were preparing to head out to a new location in the morning. For now though, the ale was flowing quite freely, and stories were being traded back and forth.

The group in question was quite diverse, a total of fourteen people. ¬†They ranged in races, while some were human, there were dwarves, elves, teiflings, and even a goblin gathered around the flame. The sounds of their laughter were still echoing after the last story died down. One of the members looked to their leader. “What about you, Jason? You must have some stories of your time in the academy?”

The man in question, the leader of their expedition, Jason Balmonte, looked up. He had been lost in his thoughts. “Huh?” he said helpfully. A moment later he caught onto what was meant, and added “Oh. Uh. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in my stories.” he said. This was met by a chorus of disappointed cries from the group. He sighed a bit, and said “Alright, well, I have one story. It’s of my graduation day.” he said. He sat up, and began his tale.

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