Spiritual Stardew, Day 1

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Do you believe in spirits? Kindhearted, or mischievous creatures from another realm, watching over the world and caring for nature?

Well. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not. We’re here, and sometimes we take a more direct approach. This is my journal from one of those times. My name is Ivy, I am a Forest Spirit. A humble farmer, in his dying breath, called upon the spirits, begging for their help. I was sent to answer. Lucky me.

Stardew Valley. This is about Stardew Valley

Let me start from the beginning. Well okay, no, if I start at the beginning, we’ll be here long past your pathetic mortal lifespan. The short version? There are a bunch of types of spirits, most of us don’t like each other, and sometimes we’ll help humans out… for a price. This human, who had spent his whole life giving tribute to various spirits, gave all his earthly possessions to us Forest Spirits, and asked for our help. He wanted his farm to succeed, and to raise enough money to help save the struggling town. I can do that, right? I mean, how hard could farming be?

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Having a bad time


Warning: I am going to be talking about real life stuff here. If this bores you, might I suggest watching this video about the dangers of RPG’s instead, it’s way more fun. 

So if you frequent this blog, you may have noticed it’s very helter-skelter in the updates. I make promises, then break them. I spend one week writing about novels, the next I’m back to talking about video games. Why is that? Why the random inconsistency? Well the reason for it all is actually a few reasons, and the bottom line of it is, I was broken. I was not me, and the me I was, was holding himself back.

Alright so lets get into some back story. Now I’m not looking for pity, or am I trying to get attention in a ‘oh man it sucks to be me, I’m so poor off’ sort of way. That’s why I am just going to give the short version of what happened. Over the last two to three years, my cat died, my parents split, my childhood home was sold, I was forced to move out on my own, I lost an amazing job, I failed out of school, and my girlfriend of… a very long time left.

I didn’t realise this at the time, but each one of those changes, warped me a little. Not only did they hurt, and bring me down, they made me fear change. When one fears change, one can never improve. After all, change is inevitable, change occurs, even if you don’t want it to. By forcing myself to not change, I could not allow good changes to occur, only bad ones. So for example, after I moved out on my own, I refused to work on myself and just wallowed into my depression. This was the final thing that pushed my at the time girlfriend away, and I don’t blame her either, it’s frustrating to watch someone you love refuse to fix things.

It was after she left, that I started in on therapy. I started seeing the same therapist that helped my father figure his stuff out, and frankly it was the single best thing I have ever done. Because of her, I got my blog back up off the ground. Because of her, I figured out what I need to do to get my life back on track, but she wasn’t done. Just two days ago, I had a six hour session with her. I started at nine thirty in the morning, and was done when she said we were done. I was so nervous I didn’t sleep the night before, but it was totally worth it in the end. I feel like a whole different person, or rather, I feel like I used to.

This has changed me in a number of great ways, but my journey isn’t done. I’m going to keep trying to update this blog on a semi-regular schedule, as I think writing is what I really want to do with my life. Sometime soon I will be posting the prelude to the novel I intend to write, and I am doing what I need to, to be healthy.

So all of that to say, stuff sucks right now, but I am fixing it. Thank you for your patience, and for those of you who know, thanks for your support!

Crawling in my Steam


No, I’m not continuing the story from my last post yet, sorry to disappoint. I will pick up Jason’s adventures later on, but for now I have some writers block to work through.

So I’m going to talk about a game that I enjoyed far more than I expected. I got it for free in the humble monthly bundle a few months back. Shortly after I had a few friends over for unrelated reasons, and while we had a few minutes to kill we decided to try it. Jump to a few hours later, we had forgotten why we had originally met up, all we could do is play another round. Then a few more.

I am talking about Crawl.

I cannot see this title without thinking of Linkin Park.

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Hunting Monsters


Have you ever had a piece of media that you absolutely hate, but love more than almost anything? Some people have movies that they enjoy, but know in their hearts aren’t good. Other people have songs they love that they’d never play in front of friends. Me? I have Monster Hunter, a game which has kicked my ass harder than any game series I have ever played. Nothing has ever frustrated me more, and yet given me more gaming satisfaction, than Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter, is a series of games in which you play as a monster hunter, who, and I’m sorry but see if you can follow, here is where the plot gets complicated, hunts monsters. Still with me? Wonderful, let’s go into more detail about the wonderful, and horrible world of Monster Hunter.


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Pokemon Go


In an effort to improve my over all quality of life, I have resumed this blog. Hopefully someone still reads it, although it has been… five entire years since I last posted? Seriously?

Uhm. Right. Well tonight I will talk about a game that statistically speaking you have either played, or heard someone else talk about, Pokémon GO! Specifically I want to take a look at why such a simple game blew up beyond what anyone expected. Most people are just shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘Eh, because Pokémon’ but I don’t think that’s the case. Pokémon is huge, sure, but no Pokémon game has ever been this big.

So why is it so huge? Why did millions of people suddenly start playing a Pokémon themed Marco Polo game? I have my personal opinions on the subject, and that’s all this will be, my intuition as someone who studied game design, and who has played more games than I would ever like to count. Please follow me down the rabbit hole of Pokémon GO!

My site has been receiving visits for the last few months entirely because I wrote a Pokémon article a while back. Seriously.
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Terraria Journal

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I have decided to keep a journal of my journeys, perhaps it will help me stay sane. I have no idea how I got here, or if I will ever leave, but if I don’t this journal will help people understand who I am.

I awoke to find myself on a cliff, overlooking a small pool of water. A man was hovering over me, he smiled when I awoke. “Oh good, I was worried you weren’t going to make it. Welcome to Terraria!”

The man said he was my “Guide”. He wasn’t able to do too much guiding though, as he told me nightfall would come soon, and when it did, we would be in a bad way if we didn’t have shelter. I decided not to ask, and instead went to go find some wood. Searching my bag I discovered I had an axe. Where this came from, I have no idea, but it helped me collect enough wood to slap together a house. While gathering I was assaulted by strange, jelly monsters. My new axe made short work of them, as did a pickaxe I found. Returning to the cliff where I awoke, I got to work on our simple shelter. I got the roof over our heads just as night fell. My Guide told me to seal us in, it would be safer that way.

I was about to find out what he meant.

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