Games for non-gamers: Elite Dangerous

Games for non-gamers

So this is a new idea of mine, something my therapist suggested and I have been tossing around. I noted that when I worked at gaming stores my favourite part was helping parents understand a game before they bought it for their children.

My therapist noted that she has a son who plays games all the time, and she as a working woman does not have the time to sit down with each game and figure out which ones are worth while investments, and which ones are just wastes of time.

So I figured what I would do is a review of a game, not for gamers, who can find out if it’s a quality game just about anywhere. I figured I would do a review of a game for people who don’t play games as much, but that also holds value for those that do. A review that says what a game contributes, and teaches you, rather than one that just goes over the new mechanics and the additions, while comparing it to other games.

Sounds daunting as all hell, right? Well here we go. I’m starting with Elite Dangerous, a space trucking game. Sorta.

Elitely Dangeous!

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